process of reverse osmosis purification

Ultra Pure Definition Spotlight: What is Reverse Osmosis?

November 8, 2017

Reverse osmosis is a water filtration process used to remove a large quantity of contaminants from water for many different uses. This technology cleans the water of chemicals and other dissolved solids to make it usable with commercial and industrial grade cleaning systems and humidifiers. To better understand how this […]

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maintenance of rodi water filters

Why Routine Maintenance of RODI Water Filters is Essential

October 11, 2017

Great water quality is extremely important when it comes to RODI water filters for maintaining RODI purification systems. Both reverse osmosis and deionized water purification systems have become critical in environments that require clean purified water, especially for humidification use. Such environments like data centers, manufacturing factories, laboratories, and hospitals […]

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importance of air humidity in hospitals

Why Relative Humidity for Air Humidity in Hospitals is so Important

October 5, 2017

The regulation of air humidity in hospitals is extremely important for the success and maintenance of the entire facility. First and foremost, humidity is regulated to protect patients from nosocomial infections (hospital origin) and prevent the spread of other infections. Medical machines and equipment are expected to work when required […]

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cool mist humidification

The General Overview for Cool Mist Humidification for Data Centers

September 26, 2017

Cool mist humidification, otherwise known as adiabatic humidification, is a process that does not require the use of a heating element to heat up water inside the humidifier. Humidification can occur by use of a fan or small metal diaphragm that vibrates at a certain frequency. These two separate processes […]

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rodi water treatment process

The Differences in the Process of RO/DI Water Treatment

September 14, 2017

Building engineers and sub-contractors who spend their time spec-ing out water filtration systems always ask, “What’s the difference between the processes of RO/DI water treatment and purification?” Here is the short and simple answer: Reverse osmosis (RO) and deionized (DI) filters undergo different types of reactions to clean water. The […]

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static discharge data center

4 Clear Ways to Prevent Static Discharge and Dust In Data Centers

August 30, 2017

Static discharge and dust formation in data centers can be extremely disastrous. This could lead to increase in temperature that could lead to overheating and flammability, corruption of data, system locks up, and permanent damage to the entire floor. Most data center owners will agree that a little dust every […]

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