Eliminate White Dust, Viruses and Bacteria.

Laboratories, high-tech clean rooms, computer rooms, and chambers benefit from Ultrasonic Humidification by adding humidity and adiabatic cooling, reducing static electricity and eliminating dust particulates.

Various facilities and research rooms require above-average cleanliness. These environments cannot tolerate white dust forming, and have very tight tolerance for humidity levels. UltraPure Systems uses a 6 stage filtration process to remove not only fine particles but also any viruses and bacteria present in the water before humidifying the environment.




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Our type 1 and type 2 UltraPure water (UPW) systems produce 18.2 megohm water on demand. Producing continuously recalculating water with less than 50 parts per billion (ppb) total organic compounds (TOC), and sanitized for biological control.

 The system consists of makeup and polish side loops. The makeup side includes pretreatment cartridges to eliminate hardness and chlorine present in city water. Water is then delivered to a 2 pass RO array which eliminates 99.5% of the organic, inorganic, and metallic contaminants. It is further treated with primary and polish mix beds to produce 18.2 megohm high purity water. UV (254nm/185nm) are applied to control biological and organic compounds.

Eliminate Static Electricity

Static electricity can be detrimental to expensive electrical appliances running in laboratories. The use of an RODI water treatment system combined with ultrasonic humidifiers maintains controlled and favorable humidity in medical and clinical laboratories.

Avoids Sickness

All our systems come standard with UV sterilizers which eliminate any bacteria in the water ensuring the atomized water entering the lab is extremely pure. The use of ultrasonic humidifiers increases humidity level favorably making the air moist which helps to relieve cold, fever, flu and other problems in clinical and other laboratories.

Improves Atmospheric Conditions

The use of an RODI system along with ultrasonic humidifier enhances the level of humidity in a laboratory which is often necessary for performing specific test and tasks. Certain tests require controlled atmospheric conditions and desired humidity level.