Small Walk-In? Larger Storage Facility?

We have you covered. UltraPure Systems knows that it is essential for owners to keep humidity at a precise ideal level in order to keep cigars fresh. A cigar that has been perfectly humidified will burn slowly and evenly.

Due to their high efficiency, superb cleanliness and precise humidity control, ultrasonic humidifiers are becoming the standard in humidors. Owners of humidors see the value of using Ultrasonic Humidification to protect their investment. It’s also important for those owners to protect the investment in their equipment. Our cabinets mitigate white dust from forming making your humidor extremely clean. UltraPure RODI system monitors and delivers only the highest quality of water to the humidifier assuring owners years of use with minimal maintenance.



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Peace of mind

Using an RODI water system to supply your ultrasonic humidifier eliminates any worry of troublesome white dust forming in your Humidor.

Protect your investment

We understand that cigars are Natural, Organic and sensitive to their environment. Using an RODI water system and ultrasonic humidifier to maintaining the proper humidity in your humidor means your inventory can be kept fresh for years.

Simple Install

Our innovative and simplified design approach utilizing single point connections takes the common worries often associated with installation away.