Benefits of Using RO/DI Water and Ultrasonic Humidification for Cigar Humidors

When it comes to owning a cigar shop, the money maker does not necessarily lie in however many cigar brands the shop carries, but rather if the cigars can hold it’s natural flavoring and maintain it’s condition. This boils down to two factors – is the shop maintaining a perfect humidity level for the environment, and which type of water are they using for it?


The Difference in RO/DI Water for Cigar Humidors

Purified water is the solution for preserving any cigars in a walk-in humidor. In fact, the more purified the water is, the better it will be for the humidor. The difference between distilled water and RO/DI water is the end result of the water. Distilled water may still contain some minerals and other components, and is still slightly acidic (pH of 6). However, RO/DI water sits completely neutral at a pH of 7, and is the purest water that any cigar shop owner can get their hands on.

With a water so pure and free of any minerals and other particles, the risk of bacteria growth and white dust formation is significantly decreased to minimal appearance, if any. This prevents the risk of mold growing on the cigars, and helps keeps the humidification system in the walk-in humidor clean. RO/DI water is used with many different types systems for humidification, but one of the best and recommended methods of RO/DI water is for the use of “Ultra Sonic Humidification”.


rodi water system cigar humidification
Prevent bacteria growth with RO/DI water.


Ultra Sonic Humidification for Walk-In Cigar Humidors

Maintaining a RH (relative humidity) level of 70% is tough to with most standard humidification systems, especially for a large walk-in humidor.

Keeping humidity level at optimal levels is challenging. Factors such as room size play such a large role. Many smaller capacity humidors cannot handle the large square or cubic footage, unless the humidor lines itself up with multiple units. However, with added machinery in the humidor increases the electricity expenditure, as well as reducing space by crowding.

That being said, the solution is to use a system that is capable of providing enough humidity for the humidor. However, to go one step further, the use of ultra sonic humidification with RO/DI water is even more preferred.

Ultra sonic humidification requires the use of pure water that dispenses a cool mist of air to control humidity levels. The benefits of this system is the complete control of RH for the room, the ability to maintain humidity with a non-bacterial environment. It also helps preserve the life and value of any cigar around the world. This type of system is perfect for walk-in humidors of any size.

To read about the basics of RO/DI water and ultra sonic humidification, check out our other article here at The Quick and Easy Basics of Ultra Sonic Humidification and RO/DI Water

UltraPureSystems offers a wide selection of humidification systems for humidors of any size. Our machines are coupled with our RO/DI filtration cabinets, which when used together, are the perfect duo to maintain that perfect humidity level, as well as controlling and preventing any risks of contamination from bacterial growth, white dust formation, and electrostatic discharge. Get a hold of our experts today and let us answer any questions you may have about your humidor!

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