Dry production environment? Need to reduce static?

There are many different manufacturing processes and products, each benefits from having the ideal production environment. From a high tech field trying to reduce static electricity, a medical manufacturer controlling dust, a musical equipment operation trying to maintain stable humidity to reduce distortion, or a myriad of other processes that require tight humidity tolerances.

Ultrasonic Humidification is a solid primary solution for each product and process, bringing ease of operation, precise control, cost-efficiency and reliability to every manufacturing floor. UltraPure Systems has developed cabinets to accommodate all of our customer’s RODI water demands.



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Reduced De-Soldering Occurrences

Ensuring a consistent humidity level of 50% in electronics manufacturing and storage facilities will lower the occurrences of damage and defects due to ineffective soldering and de-soldering. The use of an RODI water treatment system combined with ultrasonic humidifiers maintains controlled and favorable humidity in manufacturing environments.

Product Weight

The use of an RODI water treatment system combined with an ultrasonic humidifier to provide stable humidity during textile manufacturing process prevents moisture loss. This reduces weight loss from a typical 4% to just 0.5% which results in an immediate 3.5% increase in product yield and profitability.

Dust Suppression

By maintaining 55% humidity during manufacturing processes dust is suppressed and static build-up is reduced. This prevents airborne dust from being attracted to the surface of the product be manufactured, greatly decreasing surface clean up time and improving the quality of the finish.