At Ultra Pure Systems we come to work every day eager to solve the biggest problems our customers face when dealing with RODI and DI water treatment in their facilities. Ultra Pure Systems takes great pride in our mission statement “To develop an innovative and simplified system of delivering RODI and DI water in a manner that continually exceeds the expectations of our customers”.

Founded in 2012, by Owner Erik Crawford, a man with a passion for critical environments, water treatment and technology. Ultra Pure Systems has come a long way from its initial beginnings, starting as just an idea for a solution to our customer base needs and evolving into a manufacturer of a full line of RODI and DI water treatment systems. Our 20+ years of field mechanical experience has helped us develop the ideal contained RODI and DI water systems.


Ultra Pure Systems proudly manufactures the finest commercial RODI and DI water purification equipment on the market. Our systems are produced using a very methodical process using only premium quality components ensuring the highest caliber of standards possible. Ultra Pure Systems designed our facility in beautiful Gilbert, AZ specifically for building, testing and delivering the best RODI and DI cabinets. At Ultra Pure Systems we understand the complex factors that affect a deionization systems performance and reliability. Years of research and experience are reflected in the engineering of Ultra Pure Systems RODI and DI cabinets. Satisfied customers include Data centers, Museums, Humidors, Healthcare Facilities, Print Rooms and Medicinal Grow Facilities and many more. As a cutting edge leader in critical environment pure water technology, Ultra Pure Systems strives to set the bar for quality and reliability

Our employees pride themselves on understanding the local water conditions in your area. Being knowledgeable on the various applications and environments allows us to deliver the perfect solution to you and your customer. Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions regarding the Ultra Pure Systems RODI and DI cabinet solutions.