Ultrasonic Humidification using RODI Water treatment

The Quick and Easy Basics of Ultrasonic Humidification and RO/DI Water

August 8, 2017

Humidification is the chemical process of transforming water into vapor. These vapors can be emitted as either warm or cool air (steam vs. mist). In order to take the necessary steps to protect against the culmination of bacteria in your home or work environment, first we must understand how the […]

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ultrasonic humidification data center threats

7 Tips to Control Threats of Data Center Contamination

August 2, 2017

Data center contamination is an ever-present threat to the equipment and servers typically found in a large and enclosed room. The potential effects from contamination may range from impaired power efficiency to destruction of the equipment due to failure. However, like all facets of life, threats can be subdued in […]

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