Providing less then suitable water will result in multiple types of failures with reduction in total life of the equipment. Using the proper purity of water is a critical component to the operation of Ultra Sonic Humidification Equipment. With simple interval filter changes the UltraPure 75 GPD RODI system will provide the appropriate water quality to your Ultrasonic Humidifiers for years of operation.


• Minimal Site Preparation

• Single Point Connection

• 100% Self Contained ½” welded HDPE RO/DI Cabinet

• Bayonet style pre filters for ease of replacement

• Optional Booster pump where applicable

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Ultra-Pure Reverse Osmosis and Deionization (RODI) systems use a six stage process to remove harmful substances such as heavy metal ions, total dissolved solids, bacteria, virus, or any living organism from standard city water. This process converts city water to a stable 0-2 PPM suitable for Ultra Sonic Humidification equipment. Included in system is a booster pump prewired increasing city pressure +/- 20psi.

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