Ultra-Pure Reverse Osmosis and Deionization (RODI) systems use a six stage process to remove harmful substances such as heavy metal ions, total dissolved solids, bacteria, virus, or any living organism from standard city water. This process converts city water to a stable 0-2 PPM suitable for Ultra Sonic Humidification equipment.


• Minimal Site Preparation

• Single Point Connection

• 100% Self Contained Aluminum RO/DI Cabinet

• Bayonet style pre filters for ease of replacement

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UltraPure 1000/1225/1400/2000/2500/5000 RODI 7500 RO system is designed to treat larger amounts of water. This system requires a 1 HP induction motor driving a stainless steel impeller pump to deliver required water throughout the system. Integrated controller isolated from any water including a solenoid to energize incoming city water during operation and close when tank is filled automatically. If any water is detected within cabinet our automatic leak detector will shut off incoming water and alert both audible and visual alarm of water detected. Each cabinet was carefully designed for simplicity of installation and filter maintenance.


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Engineering Submittal Manual
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